5 Reasons to visit Koh Rong

5 Reasons to visit Koh Rong

5 Reasons to visit Koh Rong

White Beach 0 Comments Monday, April 21, 2014

Koh Rong is now established as one of the best beach destinations for a holiday in Cambodia. Situated 20 kilometres off Sihanoukville and the South coast of Cambodia, here are a few good reasons to get on the ferry and make the trip:

The Beaches and Jungle

Koh Rong has two of the most incredible empty beaches that you will ever see in this part of the world – Long Beach on the west coast, and 4k beach which is the next beach along from our resort. Both of these beaches have not yet been developed much at all, Long beach is about 10kms long with the only signs of human habitations at either end. There is a small fishing village at the north end and a low key guest house at the south, between these theres a vista of surf, sand and jungle. You can get there by the signposted jungle trek or by boat. 4k beach is almost as beautyful and equally empty for now


Great Scuba Diving

There are some good dive sites on the islands and Cambodia is one of the lowest priced places in the world to become a qualified diver, with PADI and SSI courses both available. Koh Rong Dive Center have their office and training center on the pier where the boats dock, stop in for more info on fun dives, courses and live aboard trips or see the website

 The island has no roads, no cars or tuk tuks, and the only noise of an engine you might hear are from the boats. Its very peaceful and great that its small enough so you can get around anywhere on foot. When hanging out at the beach you will notice that there are no hawkers walking up and down the beach which is a pleasant change from the mainland beached on Sihanoukville



The village has become pretty busy now with a strip of restarants, beach barbeque and bars that are all along the beach front. They all stay open late with music and sometimes live music events. There’s a full moon party on Koh Rong Samloem that you can get to by boat. Check out Coco's Bar as the busiest late night drinking spot, or the excellent Mami’s Italian restarant.


Stay Longterm

If you enjoy it so much here, you can stay and get a job in Coco's or other hostels and bars


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